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Offering quality Pellet Grills and Pellet Hopper Assemblies for your Custom Installations!   Also, we offer conversion kits for your Weber WSM or UDS

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   There are other pellet grills out there, and there will always be others offering the same product type, but when it comes to customer service, custom installations, product backing, and shipping costs there is No Competition! Our quality inspection and control teams are very thorough, they inspect every unit that goes out the door, to ensure that our quality standards are upheld. Any questions, simply give us a call at (847) 336-1329 and our team of pellet grilling & smoking veterans are more than happy to assist

We feel that the best service can only be offered directly from the manufacturer, and that is our business philosophy.  To keep our prices low we don't believe in offering our products in big box stores which would drive the price up and degrade the quality of customer service.  If there are small businesses that wish to supply our products, please contact me and we can offer quantity discount.

Choose from 20-440 lbs of pellets from the top BBQ pellet manufacturers with free shipping (while supplies last)

The Pellet Pro® Grills and Hopper Assemblies are designed to use any wood pellet.

We do recommend the use of a quality BBQ pellet that you can trust if you are using it for cooking or smoking foods.

Are you tired of using smokers that don't produce enough smoke?

Whether you want to build your own smoker or add more smoke to the one you already have,


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Attach a Smoke Daddy and your problems are solved. Choose one of our four sizes to add delicious smoke flavor to your favorites- meat, fish or even cheese!

Our New Pellet Pro® Pellet Grills!!

In addition to our cold smoke generators, we also offer our Pellet Pro® Pellet Grills!  These high quality are made of heavy 14 gauge steel, include 2 grilling racks, and digitally controlled temperature settings from 180-400° F with COLD SMOKE settings for temperatures 150° F and below.  Click on the picture to view our two different sizes; the 969 CPG and 627 CPG.  We also offer the option of having the Smoke Daddy attached to the side of the grill!

Click the Pellet Pro® Grill to view the page!

Click the Pellet Pro® Grill to view the page!


Smokincense Cold Smoker

Our new product from Smoke Daddy: Smokincense!!   This cold smoker is extremely easy to use and works amazingly well!  With enough wood pellets included to last 5 sessions of smoking, 2 hours a session, this'll get you started to smoke your favorite meats, cheeses, fish, and anything that tastes good with added smoke,  Taking up only 3 1/2 in of space, the Smokincense has a small footprint inside your grill or smoker.  Click on the link to view the Smokincense page for ore information and ordering.